Frequently Asked Questions

We have been asked many questions before. We have listed these with the answers. Maybe your question is also there.

What is the total cost of creating & hosting a website?

Regardless of where you have your website made and hosted, you always have the following fixed and variable costs: building the website, hosting costs and domain name costs. Building the website will be paid once and the costs depend on the web design package that you purchase. See the Webdesign page for more information about our packages and associated costs. In addition, you have the hosting costs that return monthly or annually, depending on whether you pay on a monthly or annual basis. Hosting can be seen as renting a piece of space on the web and the memory on a server to safely store your website. Therefore, this is a recurring expense. See the Hosting page for more information about our packages and associated costs. Finally, you have the domain name costs. Your domain name (eg mijndomeinnaam.nl) must be reserved annually so that other companies cannot take it over and customers can access your website via this domain. These costs are 9.95 per year, but are free for the first year when you take out a hosting package on an annual basis.

Is it possible to only take out a web design package?

We often get the question whether it is possible to only take out a website package, because an entrepreneur is already affiliated with a hosting company and only wants a new website. Unfortunately, this alone is not possible. All our services (including web design) are only available to our customers who also take out a hosting package. The transfer of your domain name to our hosting is completed in a few steps, is performed and set up free of charge when you take out a hosting package on an annual basis and in several cases our hosting also offers more than the original hosting of our customers (such as a business email address). ). See our Hosting page for more information.

How quickly will my website be ready and online?

How quickly your new website is online depends on a number of factors. For example, the choice of web design package is important. A Budget package is ready faster than a Starter package. In addition, you also play an important role in the speed with which your website can be put live. For example, how quickly do you deliver the content that is important to us. Think of texts, images or videos. We give our customers two weeks to do this with a content template that helps deliver the content. It is also possible that your current domain name is still registered with another party and that it still needs to be transferred to us. Feel free to contact us for a good indication of time and see our working methods on the Home page for more information about the steps we take with our customers.

I want to change something on my website but I can't quite figure it out myself, can you help me?

Geen zorgen! Speciaal hiervoor bieden wij onze website onderhoud service aan. Alhoewel onze websites beschikken over een WordPress CMS beheersysteem waar je als klant zelf ook in kan werken, kan het natuurlijk wel eens voorkomen dat je ergens niet helemaal uitkomt. Om jou direct weer op weg te helpen kan je ons altijd mailen of whatsappen. Zie onze website onderhoud service voor meer informatie op onze Andere Services pagina.

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